Welcome to Bloodwood Tree Association!

Since our incorporation in 1977, Bloodwood Tree have worked tirelessly to advocate for, and support, Aboriginal, disadvantaged, at-risk, and homeless people in Port Hedland and the surrounding communities.

We offer a range of services and support to help you lead a happy, healthy life. Call us today on 08 9138 3000 and ask our professional, friendly team how they can help you!

Alcohol and Other Drug Support Services
Mental Health Support
Homelessness support
Employment and Training (including driver training)

Our Vision

To assist and encourage members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to keep and renew their traditional culture, whilst establishing greater self-sufficiency through fostering participation in education, employment, training, health services and housing opportunities, including the
development of economic projects and enterprises.

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  • Innovation
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  • Business Capabilities

Helping the Community

From its humble beginnings in Edgar Street, Bloodwood Tree has evolved to become a well-respected, wholly Aboriginal controlled institution in Port Hedland that just celebrated its 40th birthday last November. Bloodwood Tree continues to ‘help the community in all ways’ through alcohol and other drug counselling, cultural mental health support, employment and training services, homelessness support, a Sobering up Centre, and other valuable programmes.


Our Partners

The Bloodwood Tree Association is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that supports at-risk Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. As a Gold Star organisation in Port Hedland, we work together with our partner organisations to support those who might be affected by homelessness, alcohol and other drug use, unemployment or other social issues.


“Helping our community in all ways!”