Wapa Maya

Bloodwood Tree Association amalgamated with the Port Hedland Sobering Up Centre Group Inc. in 2007, bringing the Community Patrol, Hedland Homeless Support Service, and Sobering Up services under Bloodwood Tree, with the Centre given a new local Aboriginal name of Wapa Maya, meaning "Safe Place".

Currently these services assist some 300 clients on a weekly basis with transport, showers, clean clothes, a safe place to sleep, meals, support and further assistance.



Provides night carers (shift workers); the centre accommodate up to 16 persons (8 male beds 8 female beds), person/s are either self-admitted, referred by the community patrol &/or the South Hedland police.  The intoxicated person/s are showered and clothed, their belongings are stowed away until the morning and their clothing are placed through the laundry. During the night they are monitored carefully by the carers. 

The Wapa Maya is an offset to having our people incarcerated; it reduces the anti-social behaviour with intoxication for the individuals, their families and the broader community, it has a huge significance into the Homelessness within the Hedland/Pilbara region.