Our Group Support programs are designed to offer our clients an opportunity to strengthen relationship skills, reduce isolation and allows clients to open up in a safe, supportive environment.





At Bloodwood Tree we recognise and respect Aboriginal peoples cultural and heritage.

A program that we run ‘back to Country’ gives our clients the opportunity to go back to ‘their’ country and get in touch with their land. By returning back to the country it allows them to reconnect with their roots.

This Indigenous-led initiative is giving our people a greater sense of purpose and self-worth as well as teaching them lifelong practical skills while connecting back to the country.

Assessments have shown that our clients that have participated in the program found it of high value. It has significant demonstrable benefits, including visual outcome of:  overall health, social cohesion and higher rates of attendance in other programs. Their relationships with our counsellors have also strengthened allowing more open communication.

‘Back to Country’ is helping close the gap of Aboriginal disadvantage.




At Bloodwood Tree we run regular fishing trips with our clients along the Pilbara coast.

These simple fishing trips value experiences and time well spent with our clients in their natural surroundings. Informal settings such as these allow our clients to open up individually or in group situation.

Engaging with our clients in recreational activities such as fishing is a way of preventing any physical or mental health issues later down the track. (Early prevention measures – not sure if you want to go down that track? I can expand.)

Programs such as these are the forefront of a progressive mental health initiative.

All of these programs and activities are helping aboriginal people foster reconnection with the land and building life skills in practical and durable ways leading to improvements in physical and mental health, social cohesion, communication and higher rates of participation in other programs.




The Clean-up Crew initiative all started after a small group of Wapa Maya staff and clients became runners up in the Clean-up Australia day event hosted by the Town of Port in (Year?).

This proud moment resulted in ongoing dedicated clean-up crews regularly operating to clean up camps around the outskirts of town, as well as personal yards and homes.

We have seen dramatic lifestyle changes in clients who have volunteered in this program not only taking ownership of their belongings and properties, but also restoring a sense of pride and self-achievement.

Programs such as these are engaging our clients to be able to see first-hand the bigger picture of illegal waste and dumping problems in our town and surrounding communities.




Safe, Sober, Strong is one of the programs that Bloodwood Tree runs to help individuals make life-transforming decisions and take back control over their own lives.

The Wapa Maya Centre has partnered with the Roebourne Regional Prison to help both male and female offenders get back on the right track after serving time. The Safe, Sober, Strong program, along with our counselling support services have seen positive results not only in individuals' lives but we've also seen whole families turned around.

This program runs Every Monday 10am-11am



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